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We offer English, Japanese, and multilingual support for all your Japanese business needs, From document translation to business interpretation, guides, market surveys, and business introduction and mediation, b-cause stands ready to support your business needs. Contact us today regarding our translation, interpretation, staffing, and other services.

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b-cause Translations

Have you ever received a translation and thought, "Something doesn't seem right…?"

We believe that languages are living. That's why nearly half of our staff live in their respective native countries, so we can provide our customers with the highest quality service. B-cause translations use the latest terms and most appropriate language for the times.

At the same time, our staff are constantly studying the grammar of their native language and looking for cultural differences stemming from that grammar. This allows them to provide more natural, more nuanced word choices.

As a result, b-cause can provide high quality translations in the medical, financial, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, and many other industries, as well as for contracts, theses, and other documents.

b-cause Translation Quality

High quality translations by dedicated translators (Real Time Staff)

B-cause Real Time Staff translators receive advanced language instruction and are highly skilled at researching. We select native staff thoroughly versed in your field. Our highly experienced translators can easily parse the subtle nuances that Japanese find difficult. Let b-cause provide you with high quality translation services that suit your needs through translation techniques that produce accurate translations. And B-cause Real Time Staff are highly skilled in specialized fields. Further, the translator in charge of your translation can submit their curriculum vitae to put your mind at ease. And besides Japanese, our translators can translate to and from other languages as well.

Your translation is handled by native speakers

Native speakers translate from Japanese into other languages, while native Japanese speakers translate from other languages into Japanese. And since the translation was done by a native speaker, you can skip the time needed for native proofreading. We can also have the translation proofread by a third-party native speaker at your request. You'll never be left thinking, "The grammar is right, but it still sounds unnatural in this language."

Quality control

We use a two-stage quality control process. Highly skilled translators translate your material, which is then rigorously checked by b-cause coordinators. This allows us to unify word choice, notation, layout, and other elements that match your application. We can also have the material edited and proofread by a third-party native speaker.

Speedy delivery at a reasonable price

We have many Real Time Staff in locations around the world to allow us to meet your urgent needs 24 hours a day. Through collaboration between b-cause staff and freelance translators, we promise speedier, more reliable deliveries than other companies. Our translators also provide speedy responses to your questions regarding the translation and other issues. Our Real Time Staff is also contracted with us for a set price, meaning we can provide translation and other services at a reliable price. Check out our price list for details. Contact us anytime for a free quotation.

*You may receive a response the following day depending on time difference with our normal business hours.

Wide variety of specialized fields

From business documents to specialized and technical matter, we can provide translation in a wide variety of fields.

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General correspondence, emails…

Manual success or failure…

Technical innovations in the IT field…

Patents in Europe, North America, Asia…

Wedding certificates, diplomas…

Manufacturing, construction, academics…

Industrial engineering, construction engineering...

Overseas correspondence…

From legal material to various certification…

Work Flow

1. Points to confirm before quotation

· Please provide as much detail as possible on the volume, level of specialization, and other elements of the material.

· Please provide us with the end application in order to avoid any trouble after delivery.

(For example, if it will be used for printed material, web data, internal documents, and so on.) Confirm how you would like the translation delivered, file type/version, and so on.

2. Free quotation

· Our quotation is absolutely free. As a general rule, you should receive your quotation within one hour.

3. Order

· Once you have confirmed the details of the quotation, you may place an official order with us through fax or email.

We will not begin translating until we have received an official order.

4. Staff selection

· We will carefully select one of our high-caliber translators from our own database to match the nature of your material.

5. Translation

· Your material will be translated by a native speaker in the target language.

*The time necessary for translation will vary depending on the volume, level of specialization, and delivery format.

6. B-cause coordinator check

· Once translated, our coordinators will rigorously check the translation for missing translation and other errors.

7. Third-party check

· The translation is double checked by a third-party. (A separate fee will apply.)

8. Completion

· Once the translation is checked by our coordinators or a third-party native speaker, the translation is accurately completed.

9. Delivery

· Once checked, the translation will be returned to you by email or post.

10. Invoicing

· Once your translation has been returned safely, we will issue an invoice.

Privacy Policy

B-cause will never disclose or provide your personal information to a third-party, except in the following circumstances.

(1) We have received your consent.

(2) Your information is disclosed in such a way that you cannot be identified.

(3) We commission an outside vendor for the smooth continuation of work and other services.
     (Should an outside vendor be commissioned, it will be with thorough safety standards in place.
     We will appropriately select and manage vendors through contractual obligations and other methods.)

(4) We deem that it is appropriate for associated companies to respond to the question.

(5) Payment needs to be settled for use of paid services or ordered products.

     (Should payment settlement be required, we may exchange personal information with financial institutions.)

(6) We are required to disclose information by law.

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