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If you are looking for English, Japanese, or multilingual interpretation at your Japanese base of operations, look no further than b-cause. We offer consecutive, simultaneous, and whispering interpretation services to suit your business discussion or meeting needs. B-cause also provides guides and attendants in Japan as well. Prices vary depending on conditions and the nature of the interpretation. Please contact b-cause for more information. contact us for a free quotation or inquiry.

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  • fax +81-3-5733-3320

Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00

(Closed Saturdays and Sundays (Japan time) and Japanese holidays)

Pricing List

English⇔Japanese Translation

Standard Specialized Contracts
English ▶ Japanese $0.15 $0.17 $0.20
Japanese ▶ English $0.08 $0.09 $0.12

Delivery Date: Normally, it takes at least 3 working days to deliver.

(One day for coordination, another for working on, and the last day for in-house checking.)

Amount per Day: We can translate 6 pages to 20 pages per day, depending on the difficulty of the contents and the languages involved.

Express Delivery: 100% extra cost will be charged when the documents need to be translated within 12 hours.

The minimum order price is $50.

If you request deferred payment, please submit Register transcript. In case that the deferred payment is approved, please pay when the amount owed has reached more than $500.

In case the register transcript is not confirmed, we will require advance payment. After remittance certificate is confirmed, we start translation.

Additional Charge: Additional charge will apply depending on the difficulty of the contents and the languages involved.

Poor Handwriting: When the document is difficult to read, an additional charge ($4.55 per page) will be required.

Cancellation: If you want to cancel the translation service after a formal order, a cancellation fee will be charged.

Certificate of Translation: Two types of Certificate of Translation may be made available at the charge of $18.18 (Certificate by b-cause,. Inc.) or $45.45 (Certificate by a translator).

Tax Excluded: Consumer tax is not included in the above list.

Rare Languages: Please feel free to contact us when you cannot find the language desired for translation.

There is a possibility of price change due to rate fluctuation exchange.

Other Language/Other Services

Please contact us if you are a translation company. The price will be different.