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If you are looking for English, Japanese, or multilingual interpretation at your Japanese base of operations, look no further than b-cause. We offer consecutive, simultaneous, and wishpering interpretation services to suit your business discussion or meeting needs. B-cause also provides Japanese guides and attendants as well.

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List of Interpretation Services

Major Interpretation Types

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is an interpretation style used at large seminars, international forums, and the like. The simultaneous interpreter sits in a booth and uses a transceiver. They usually switch simultaneous interpretation duties with another interpreter (and sometimes a third as well). Simultaneous interpretation requires a high degree of interpretation skill and practice. B-cause will send the appropriate high-caliber interpreter to suit your language needs.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the most common interpretation style. Here, each speaker speaks, inserting pauses in their conversation to allow for interpretation. Most meetings, general functions and situations, business discussions, guides, trainings, audits, and so on use consecutive interpretation.

Simple interpretation

Simple interpretation is a simple style used for personal trips, simple discussions, and so on. This reasonably priced interpretation method is used when accompanying travelers from overseas, for family members that need help at international weddings and other marriage functions, and other unspecialized situations.

Speedy Service

We will usually respond to your emails and questions once we receive them within one hour.

Highly-skilled Coordinators

Our highly-skilled interpretation coordinators will handle every aspect of your request.

Over 40,000 Registered Interpreters

B-cause has over 40,000 registered staff all the time. We will recommend the best interpreter for your needs.

Interpretation Flow

  • 1. Contact us with your needs in as much detail as possible.
  • 2. We will send you a quotation.
  • 3. We will select and propose an interpreter that best suits your requests and situation.
  • 4. We will confirm the details of the interpretation, the meeting time and place, and whether there is to be a pre-meeting.
  • 5. Send us as much material and text that you will be using as possible. Preparation for specialized vocabulary and proper nouns will affect the quality of the interpretation.
  • 6. Our interpreter will be waiting for you on the day at the agreed upon location and ready for interpretation.

*We will request advanced payment for interpretation requests from overseas.

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B-cause has provided interpretation services for the following major corporations: